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SA Motor Re-creation

RAA Motor Cover Re-creation

This image appeared on the cover of The Crank in October 2017. See below.
It’s a re-creation in photoshop of the image that appeared on the cover of the
South Australian motoring organisation’s (the RAA) magazine in August 1948.
In 1948, cars might have been allowed on that spot but certainly not these days. It’s a walking and cycling track along the banks of the Torrens River in Adelaide. The bridge in the backgound thoughtfully named “The Adelaide Bridge” is unchanged. The skyline is significantly different with the modern Adelaide Oval grandstands and lighting. The motor launch moored on the other side is called Popeye and is one of a fleet of similar boats that have provided a sight-seeing ride on the river since 1935.
(See Popeye here at 1min 20)

Riley on SA Motor Cover 1948