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Spare Parts

Our Rileys range in age from around 50 to 80 years (much like our members).  However, many spare parts are readily available. Spare parts are made available through our club only to club members and members of other Riley clubs in Australia.

This list here produced by the Riley Motor Club in the UK is a very good guide to what is available worldwide. This website here set up by the RM Club in the UK is even better (but is just for RM models). Click on “parts”to view what is available and the UK price. Neither the Riley Motor Club nor the RM Club sells to non-members of their club so it’s worthwhile considering joining. The RM Club provides significant benefits to members including a huge range of information, advice from technical experts as well as a discussion forum.

 Another useful source of information for pre-war cars is the Riley Register site here.

Not all of these parts are available in Australia.

We source the majority of our parts from the NSW Riley Club. Their parts list is here.
Not all of these parts are available all the time.

A list of prices for the parts that we sell is being updated and will be available shortly.

The people to contact about spare parts are listed here on our Contacts Page.

There is a New Spares person and a Used Parts person. These people will advise you on what is available and if the part you require is not readily available they will advise you on potential sources from which the part might be obtained.

 In some circumstances you might be required to join an interstate club or an overseas club.

Used parts are items that have been donated to the club. They are not sold but are made available to club members in exchange for a donation to the club. The club carries no responsibility for the condition of these items and they are used by members completely at the member`s risk. Members are therefore advised to assess the state of the item or get it assessed and use it accordingly. It is your responsibility not the club`s if something goes wrong.

The club does not carry stocks of parts that are readily available from retail suppliers including belts, bearings, filters and electrical items. Details of some of these parts are in the members section. These pages are still being developed.

Ordering Parts

We use the naming convention in the RM Workshop Manual for RM parts  eg AA10.40. That is:  page AA10, item 40. The pages are the diagram pages; not those where the items are listed. Please use this convention when requesting a part. It will help the spares people a lot.

Where the total cost of a request for spares that are not in stock is greater than $100 a pre-payment of 50% of the estimated total cost may be required.