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Links to Riley-related Websites
and Facebook Groups

Riley Clubs in Australia:
The Riley Motor Club of Australia (New South Wales)
The Riley Motor Club of Victoria
The Riley Motor Club Queensland
The Riley Motor Club of Western Australia
The Riley Restorers Club

Riley Clubs Elsewhere:
The Riley Car Club of New Zealand
The Riley Motor Club (UK)
The Riley Register (UK)
The Riley RM Club (UK)
The Riley Club Holland   Can`t see an English language link. Correct me if I`m wrong.
Scottish Riley Enthusiasts Scottish owners of Riley Cars
Le Rendez-Vous des Anglaises The largest francophone British car club in America, based in the province of Quebec, Canada with a chapter in Orleans, France. They cater to all british marques, some members own Rileys.
Magnificent Motoring The online Journal of the Riley Motor Club of North America
The Riley Club Switzerland
The Riley RM Club Germany Can`t see an English language link. Correct me if I`m wrong.
The Swedish Riley Register The English version link is obvious in the bottom left of the home page
The Norwegian Riley Register

Personal and Business Sites:
The Farina Riley Register
RM Riley Technical Tips A site managed by John Joiner in the UK with a lot of useful information. All these links lead there.
Blue Diamond Riley Services Limited Riley specialists for over 40 years.
Pre War Specials A site devoted to this topic. 
(The English version starts down the page a bit.)
The Scions of Lucas The Association of Riley Clubs UK based
Riley Model Cars

Facebook Groups:
Riley RM series 1945-57 Was the the unofficial RM Club`s page…now it`s not…you know how it is.
RM Club UK  Only Admins can post
Riley Cars 1925-1955
Rileys in South Australia
Rileys in Victoria
Riley Motor Club of WA
Rileys in Queensland

The Riley Archives  The Riley Cars Archive Heritage Trust has recently been formed in the UK out of two previous trusts, The Riley Cars Heritage Trust and the Riley Archive Project. The main aims of the RCAHT are to inform people all over the world of the history of Riley cars

New Zealand Riley Club’s on-line Library
Riley Motor Cars Out of date but there are photos of Riley cars

The Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs of SA Inc