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Rileys on Screen

Rileys in Movies and Video
from a variety of sources

Video from past events.
Run to Goolwa April 2010. (2 minutes)   click here    
Christmas in June 2010. (5 minutes)      click here                
The Dinky Riley Challenge. (5 minutes)   click here
Rileys on YouTube: an old-fashioned picture show. (29 minutes)   click here
A Weekend at Gunbower. (5 minutes of the April 2014 weekend at the home of Elizabeth and Peter Lowe ) click here
The Border Rally, Millicent, November 2017 (click here)

National Rallies.
Breezing Around Beechworth   The National gathering of Riley clubs in Australia 2011.
(24 minutes)     click here
Regina’s National Rattle 2013.   (18 minutes) click here
Memories of the Mittagong Meeting 2014. (10 minutes) click here
Rileys on the Island, The 2017 National Rally. (15 minutes) (click here)
Rileys in Caloundra, The 2018 National Rally (19 minutes) (click here)
The Fleurieu National Rattle of Rileys 2019 (15 minutes) (click here)

Rileys in “Old” Movies.
In the 1953 movie “Spaceways”. A Riley in police makeup. At around 16mins 15 
click here
This one’s exceptional! In his book Riley RM-Series James Taylor says a prototype Drophead “featured” in a little-known British film called The Calendar. Well here it is; all several seconds of it. Personally I would have used some word other than featured but that`s me. I left a bit of Greta Gynt in the extracts to make the viewing worthwhile! 
click here
An RM Roadster in “City Beneath the Sea”. 1954 movie. You might notice that the Ford Avenue Productions credits at the end are longer than the actual movie extracts but I’m sure you’ll find the scene of South Australia in Spring with bird calls in the background equally entertaining. (click here)
This one’s only for the most hardened of Riley Spotters. I’m reliably told that there are Rileys in the first several  minutes of this 1953 film, “Turn the Key Softly” but I couldn`t see them. Not even a young Joan Collins could tempt me to take a second look. 
(click here)
RM in “Spin a Dark Web” 1956 movie here from 1hr 8 min 40. It includes “RM” interior scenes but they look nothing like any RM I’ve experienced.
“Gideon`s Way” first screened on TV fifty years ago. It’s been on GEM in Australia in recent times. There’s an RM Roadster here in an excerpt from the 1958 film on which the series was based. The film was called Gideon’s Day . In the US it was known as Gideon of Scotland Yard. Confused?? Just check the sound as it roars off!!
RM in “A Secret Place” 1957 movie at 29.48 here
Jack Hawkins drives an RM in the 1951 movie “No Highway in the Sky”
at 5.41 mins (here)
RM in Les Distractions 1960 (here).

Rileys in more recent film or TV.
In “The Secret Life of Formula One” at 5 mins 20.  click here
Pre-War in Poirot episode – “King of Clubs” here at 10.45 mins.
An honourable mention in Poirot’s “Adventures of The Italian Nobleman”.
Short but sweet. (click here)
In “The Secret Life of Formula One” at 5 mins 20.  click here
In ” Makeover” the second place getter in Tropfest Australia 2013 Click here
A Lynx in Poirot’s “King of Cards”.  (click here)
More Rileys in episodes of Poirot recently screened in Australia. (click here)
Pre-War in an episode of “Love in a Cold Climate”  at 44.31 mins (here)

Rileys in Period Documentaries or Video
Much easier to spot Racing Rileys here in these two. C R Whitcroft in a Riley wins the 1932 RAC International TT at Ards (click here) and Freddie Dixon wins the 1934 race in a Riley. (click here)
Captain Shipwright and young daughter on the track at Brooklands. (click here)
Against the Clock. Nuffield cars including a Pathfinder on the track . (click here)
It’s about MGs but there are shots of the Abingdon Factory and RMs in the background. (click here)
Freddie Dixon and The Bluebird at Brooklands here with sir Sir Malcolm Campbell providing the voice- over.
In The 1954 Monte Carlo at 21 seconds. click here
In The 1949 XII Rallye International Des Alpes at about 1 minute 03 click here
In “Thoroughbreds All” competing in The 1950 Monte Carlo at 2 mins 33 onwards 
click here
In some period footage of Trolley Buses in London at 3 mins 45 and 9 mins 46.
click here
Amateur film of the 1938 RAC Rally showing the 3 Riley Sprites that won the team prize, and tests on the sea front typical of rallies of this era. (click here)
The Riley Works Coventry 1930’s. (click here)
Abingdon works. MGs and RMs (click here)

In a promotional video for WBS Motors, a professional car restoration company in IRELAND. click here
An RMD goes for an extraordinary sum at auction. See the whole auction
and gasp. click here
Riley in a Wedding, South Australia, 2019. here
Mark J Hinkling’s RMF restoration experience. here
Restoring a Riley Grille – see why it’s so damn expensive. here
A Riley Nine Special with a Tiger Moth engine here